Wallet Features

ZEON Wallet provides a free, private, secure, fast application that allows you to manage your all cryptocurrency and use of financial services.

All your digital assets
in one place

Take full control of your coins, tokens and collectibles by storing them securely. Our team guarantees our users the highest level of security.

  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Bitcoin and others
  • An open source free wallet
  • You control private keys

Earn from $12 worth of crypto

Sending any tokens or coins you will get rewards in ZEON tokens.

  • Rewards are automatically distributed based on monthly transactional volume
  • The more you use ZEON Wallet the more ZEON tokens you earn
  • ZEON Wallet is a free open-source wallet without hidden fees


Get Wallet

Wallet is available for all major Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux by installing app in a browser. The latest version of the wallet: 1.0.1. Mobile versions will be available soon.